Frequently Asked Questions

Is the T-Mobile FamCam 5G program available only for T-Mobile customers?

Nope! The T-Mobile FamCam 5G program is not exclusively for T-Mobile customers—all families in your league will be able to use the livestreaming system. However, those streaming on a T-Mobile 5G device will have the best high-definition viewing experience.

What is live streaming and how does
T-Mobile FamCam 5G work?

T-Mobile FamCam 5G will allow families and friends the chance to watch Little League games right on their phones, tablets, computers, or Smart TVs. With cameras from GoDog Sports powered by T-Mobile’s 5G network, viewers will be able to watch their local Little League action live, from where they are!

How is T-Mobile 5G working to power
T-Mobile FamCam 5G live game streams?

T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network enables high-definition cameras from GoDog Sports to transmit wirelessly, eliminating the need for an internet cable connection and allowing for real-time video streams of games from Little League facilities across America.

How do I register to use the T-Mobile FamCam 5G platform?
  • Your league will send sign up instructions that will include a PASSCODE that must be entered during the registration process.
  • Find your league’s home page by selecting your league’s icon on
  • Click the REGISTER button on the home page and submit your email address.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the email you’ve entered with a UNIQUE REGISTRATION LINK.
  • Click the UNIQUE REGISTRATION LINK in the email to proceed
  • Enter the required information, enter the PASSCODE for your league and select if you’d like to stay connected on news and special offers from
    T-Mobile to start streaming games.
  • You can share your passcode with family members who may want to sign up.
What if I miss a game? Can I watch it later?

Yes! All games are available on the platform for 10 days following the completion of the game. After 10 days, they will be deleted. If you’d like to download a game within the 10 days, you can use your T-Mobile Game Pack.

I am a relative of a Little Leaguer. Can I view livestreams and OnDemand games?

Yes! If you are a relative of a Little Leaguer and their league is a participant in the T-Mobile FamCam 5G program, please reach out to the local league to inquire about receiving your unique login credentials!

What happens if there is an issue with the
T-Mobile FamCam 5G live video streams?

If you experience issues with T-Mobile FamCam 5G, please contact

How do I watch from a mobile device?

Simply head to on your mobile device and navigate to your league’s streaming portal link.

What if I forgot my password?

On the main page, please click LOGIN then select the “Forgot My Password” button and a link to create a new password will be emailed to you.

What will be expected of parent/guardians of Little Leaguers® in a T-Mobile FamCam 5G league?

All families of T-Mobile FamCam 5G leagues will be required to submit a parental privacy consent form that will be provided by your league officials. If you would like to learn more about this use of information, including your rights as a parent/guardian, visit Parental privacy consent forms are required in order for installation of the free live streaming system to be completed. Forms can be signed through your league’s registration system or through the T-Mobile FamCam 5G league portal. Your league officials will communicate which method will be used for your league.

What is T-Mobile FamCam 5G?

The Official Wireless Partner of Little League® is connecting Little League Baseball and Softball families to games near and far! T-Mobile is providing live streaming camera systems from GoDog Sports free of charge, enabled by
T-Mobile’s 5G network, to select Little Leagues across the nation, affording every loved one the opportunity to tune into games live on their mobile devices, tablets, computers and Smart TVs.

How do I download highlights and games?
  • T-Mobile is providing T-Mobile Game Packs to the first 300 users who sign up to their league’s T-Mobile FamCam 5G portal. Each of the 300 users will automatically receive credits for 8 free highlight clips and two free game downloads in their account. While viewing an OnDemand game, follow the prompts below the main streaming video window to download highlight clips you’ve created or download games. Select the highlight clip or game you want to download and then select the download button.
  • If a user has used all of their T-Mobile Game Pack credits or more than 300 users have signed up, games and highlight clips will still be available for download for a nominal fee. A portion of each paid download will be donated to your league.
  • Downloading highlight clips and games should be done on desktops and laptops.
  • All downloads are subject to the Terms of Use.
How do I create highlight clips with
T-Mobile FamCam 5G?
  • On the main page below the video player, you will see a tab for CREATE CLIPS.
  • Click on the CREATE CLIPS tab, locate the point in the game you want to start the clip. Use the “Start Clip” and “End Clip” buttons to set the beginning and end time for your clips (create clips up to 30 seconds).
  • You can review your clip, name it, add details, and save your clip. Your clips will be located below each game (Clips Of This Game) and in your MY CLIPS file located in the main display to the right of the video player. Once created, clips will be available to view or download throughout the season.
  • Creating clips should be done on desktops and laptops.
How do I create bookmarks?
  • While viewing an OnDemand game, select the Bookmarks tab under the video player, then click the “Set Bookmark” button under “Create Bookmark” to add a personal bookmark for that moment in the game.
  • You can give it a title if you want, but make sure to click save.
  • All saved bookmarks will be saved below the player in “Events Bookmarks”.
What field(s) will be included?

As part of T-Mobile FamCam 5G, your league will select one field for the livestreaming camera system.

What web browsers can be used to watch
T-Mobile FamCam 5G games?

Games can be viewed on the following web browsers on both PC and Mac devices:

  • Internet Explorer 7.0
  • Safari 5.0 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox 4.0 or later
  • Google Chrome Opera 11
What games are on T-Mobile FamCam 5G? Are practices live streamed too?

Streaming schedules are determined by your local league officers.

I don’t have a 5G smartphone, can I still watch the live games?

Yes, you can watch local league games on your home computer, tablet or mobile device. While the live video from the facility is being transmitted over
T-Mobile’s 5G network, loved ones can access the games by simply visiting

What if I still need more help?
Is anyone able to access my league’s games on T-Mobile FamCam 5G?

Access to the T-Mobile FamCam 5G platform is limited to those who have been given access credentials through their local Little League. If you are seeking access, please contact your local league.

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